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Technical Skills: Android Development; Virtual Reality; Google Cardboard; Java; OpenGL ES 3.0; Controller Input; Android Studio; Mobile Gaming; Flocking Simulation; Finite State Machine; A* path-finding;

This application is a combination of a number of projects showcasing a range of programming skills and techniques. The app also includes links to pages with detailed descriptions of each of the different projects.

The application has been published onto the Google Play Store for devices running Android version 4.3 or higher.

A video of the application can be found on YouTube here.

Link to Google Play Store

App features:

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“Asteroid Belt VR” is the result of a Final Year Project researching “Virtual Reality and Immersive Gaming on Mobile Devices”. It is a virtual reality space shooter built from scratch for Google Cardboard.

User Guide

About the Final Year Project


“Asteroid Belt” is an extension of the original project to demonstrate of the flexibility of the custom built graphics engine and allows the game to be playable without the virtual reality features.

User Guide

About the Final Year Project


“Flocking Simulation” is a demonstration of a number of Artificial Intelligence techniques to reproduce a flocking-like simulation.

More about the flocking simulation


“A* Maze Demo” is a demonstration of a popular Artificial Intelligence path-finding algorithm – A*. This algorithm is used across the games industry to enable computer controlled entities (e.g. enemies) to navigate through the environment(s).

More about the A* demo